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Power Protection

The choice of the right IT device is a reconciliation of requirement to satisfactory technology. The right UPS for the job is a matching of technology to requirement.

While there can be variation in the form and functionality, there are essentially 3 main UPS products that can be considered for any power protection requirement:

      ·         Offline/standby UPS

      ·         Line interactive

      ·         Online-UPS

Choosing the right UPS is only the first step to implementing the right solution. The following variables should be considered when going to market for a product to fulfill your power protection needs:

      ·         Run time requirement

      ·         Centralized UPS

      ·         Dynamic environment

      ·         Scalability

      ·         System configuration

      ·         Physical site requirements

      ·         Power distribution

      ·         Power Management

      ·         Service capabilities

      ·         Efficiency

When choosing the right UPS, these factors need to be addressed. Potencia is here to help simplify these variables and explain which products are strong in their respective areas.

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"Potencia Technologies came highly recommended to us. On very short notice, Potencia showed up on site and tailored a very strong power failure solution for us to replace our aging, now failing backup system with a superior product to what we had in place already. The service was excellent as Potencia followed up every step of the way realizing that we could not afford to have our 76 location network go down. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Potencia Technologies to anyone in need of strong performing and affordable UPS solutions."

J. Armstrong, Information Technologies