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Our world is increasingly dependent upon technology based systems for everything from systems controls, security, and traffic management, to critical data and communication requirements. The technologies that drive all of these areas are developing at an ever more rapid rate, and in turn are creating challenges for production and facility managers at the power and cooling level. Falling behind in power and cooling technology advancements, and best practices presents an increased likelihood of unplanned downtime for your critical systems. This of course presents an increased risk of lost production time, lost man-hours, and ultimately lost revenues.

Potencia Technologies specializes in providing power and cooling solutions for a wide range of technology applications. In today's world it is all the more important to be dealing with a partner who understands the demands for system availability, and the technologies required to meet these demands. Potencia is just this kind of partner.

Knowledge is critical to insuring that we offer the right solution for your needs. To this end we bring understanding of the power and cooling industries. We also bring a wide range of experience within different environments. Much of our work is within the data center environment. We are not limited to this however and are just as comfortable assisting with needs in your networking closet, production floor, lab, or outdoor parking and traffic control systems.

One of the keys to our success is our ability to pull together solutions from a range of different world leading manufacturers of power and cooling products. "You can have any flavor, so long as it is vanilla." This is not the sort of thing you want to hear when it comes to your critical power and cooling infrastructure requirements. The application is what will ultimately determine the right solution, and not the brand name of the product.

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