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Data Center Design & Build

 Who do you trust with the design of your critical IT infrastructure?

Hopefully not just anybody...

Potencia Technologies was founded in response to a real need for physical IT infrastructure specialists for critical IT environments. The infrastructure components of your IT environment (power, cooling, enclosures, etc.) are all intertwined. The design and build of your infrastructure is critical in allowing your facility to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) published an independent survey indicating that the cost of downtime is rising. The average cost of a single hour of unplanned downtime has risen by 25% to 30% since 2008 when ITIC first began tracking these figures. The latest survey data included the following responses:

1 Hour of Downtime = 98% of Organizations Say Costs Over $100,000.

1 Hour of Downtime = 81% of Respondents Say Costs Over $300,000.

1 Hour of Downtime = 33% of Enterprises Report Costs Their Firms $1-$5 Million.

Perhaps the cost to your business is not measured in these sorts of dollars, but downtime due to a poorly designed physical IT infrastructure is still downtime. The cost in lost man hours, lost opportunities, and diminished customer confidence is real and impactful to the continuity of your business. The health and security of your business is tied in large part to power and cooling systems that work together to provide the level of system availability you require.

At Potencia Technologies, we will assist you in the design of a physical IT infrastructure that meets your needs. We want to be your partner of choice for your physical IT infrastructure requirements, whether you are looking at a single rack mount UPS, an IT enclosure, or a complete turnkey data center solution design and installation project.

 Data Center Design & Build Specialties

    Data Center Location, Building and Construction

    Raised Floor/Suspended Ceiling

    Emergency Lighting

    Power Infrastructure

    Battery Maintenance and Monitoring

    IT Server Enclosures

    Fire Suppression

    Data Center Monitoring & Management

    Security & Prevententative Maintenance


We are passionate about meeting the availability needs of our customers, by making sure they have the infrastructure in place to support their system availability requirements.

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