Data Center and Facility Infrastructure Solutions
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  • Eaton Family

    Providing a Range of Power Protection Solutions   

    From small singe-phase products and large three-phase AC UPS systems, to DC power plants we can provide the backbone for your IT or facility infrastructure needs, regardless of your company's size
  • Keeping Your Server Room Cool

    Whether your powering a small business or a large data center, proper heat management is important. Cooling costs are often the largest ongoing operating expense of most data centers. Ask our experts about how you can maximize energy efficiency in your server room.
  • Understanding Power Distribution and Installation

    Let us help you make sense of voltages, power factors, and UPS topologies.
  • Full Consulting Services

    Coordinating On-site Consultations

    Looking to start a project but need some advice? Our technicians are happy to join you on site.

Data Center & Facility Infrastructure Solutions

We are passionate about meeting the availability needs of our customers,by making sure they have the infrastructure in place to support their system availability requirements.

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