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The Double Edged Sword of 21st Century Learning: IT Dependence

 IT Dependence
26th Aug 2015 | by: Franz Heide

Blended learning and connected students are NOT just buzz words for your school district but a positive shift in culture – of preparing your students with the skills they need to succeed in tomorrow’s tech world. You are transforming classrooms with tablets and chrome books and have witnessed the power of personalized learning and to collaborative teaching.

No one is denying the benefits of 21st century learning, but it also comes with a double edged sword: IT dependence. As an IT administrator, you are well versed in the headaches that occur when the network goes down or a power outage occurs -- from teachers not being able to administer tests to limiting a cafeteria’s point-of-sale capabilities all the way up to compromising the security of your facilities.

So, how do you protect network connectivity & ensure uptime?

Regardless of whether your school has one building or spans an entire campus, you can dramatically improve your reliability and performance with power and power management solutions from Potencia Technologies and Eaton. After all, downtime isn’t an option for students or teachers. Our efficient and safe solutions are designed to help you organize, protect and manage your IT environment including:

Integrated software solutions allow you to initiate virtual machine migration, maximizing availability and access to required programs

Power capping management ensures that the most critical applications are prioritized and kept online during extended power issues

Industry-leading power management solutions provide maximum reliability and uptime of school communications, security cameras and public address systems.

Let’s work together to power education for next-generation learners and leaders. For more information, download the brochure and call us at 519-914-5713 in southwestern Ontario or 613-831-0269 in Ottawa.

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About the Author:  Franz Heide

Franz specializes in backup power and cooling solutions for a wide range of environments, including server rooms, data centers, labs, and production areas. His passion is for quality solutions and the relationships that are built through customer service.