Our Values

It is our values that determine what’s important to us as a company. They not only shape how we see ourselves, but how we see our customers, which impacts upon how we are seen by others. At Potencia our values are crafted out of a passion for customer service, and the desire to create the best possible customer service experience.

Our Mission

In our modern society, data and processes have become integral to our daily lives. Our interconnected world relies heavily on the functionality and dependability of devices that facilitate these operations. At Potencia, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in meeting the availability requirements of these essential business systems. This commitment is at the core of our purpose.

Our Story

Going back to 2001, Jeff Cherry, the founder of Potencia Technologies, recognized the need for trusted partners who could assist data center and facility managers with the UPS and power distribution systems that support their critical business systems. While these things may not captivate the average person, they are essential for facility managers to ensure optimal performance in computer rooms, networking closets, production areas, and more…and this impacts upon everybody at some level. Our unique contribution lay in our expertise as specialists who worked in this field daily and possessed extensive knowledge of the products and their appropriate usage.

Given our engagement in the data center sector, we were frequently asked about other products like power conditioning, power monitoring and management, surge protection, IT enclosures, and air flow management. This eventually led us to broaden our product range to include a wider variety of solutions aimed at supporting the essential IT and facility loads for our customers. As our business expanded, it became evident that clients sometimes required assistance in designing and implementing preventative maintenance programs for critical power equipment to ensure site availability. This aligned perfectly with our goal to support clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the solutions we provided. By utilizing the relationships we had fostered with numerous manufacturers of power solutions over the years, we were able to create a comprehensive portfolio of service support offerings for our clients.

We remain committed to quality solutions, and ongoing support with the goal of creating a positive customer service experience. We are trust-jockeys who thrive on the confidence our clients place in us for the solutions and support services we provide. For us, it makes going to work each day something we can be passionate about, and leads to long term working relationships with clients from one end of this great country to the other. To our clients we thank you for making this all possible, and look forward to getting better at what we do for you, and more.

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