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Our whole purpose at Potencia Technologies is to help you meet your availability requirements. At the IT or facility level your power and cooling infrastructure is a combination of hardware, monitoring, and management related devices and systems. Failure to do the proper investigation up front, or to monitor and manage the systems you have just installed will ultimately lead to inefficiency, a poor level of reliability, and a very low return on the infrastructure investment you've just made.

Perhaps you need a small single phase UPS for a rack of servers. Perhaps you require an IT infrastructure consulting service. Maybe you are experiencing a hot spot within your datacenter and need a spot cooling solution. As server technologies have evolved you are considering implementing a blade server architecture and need to revisit your cooling and power infrastructure to accomodate the higher power densities that are going to be in your new racks. We're here to help you with all this, and much more.

Potencia Technologies is involved in data center and facility environments on a daily basis, and as such we are able to keep up on the latest "Best Practices" trends and technologies you need to utilize to insure the continuity of your operations. Please review the partial list of services and benefits we are able to bring to our customers to see how we can benefit your company or organization.

 Service List

    Site power and cooling audits

    Power quality monitoring and analysis

    Harmonic analysis and mitigation studies

    Electrical and cooling load studies

    Generator Maintenance & Fuel Oil Polishing

    Infrared thermography studies

    Analysis of existing power and cooling infrastructure management practices

    Turnkey project management

    Battery maintenance and monitoring

    Standing offer

    Assistance in configuring service contracts with authorized service providers


We are passionate about meeting the availability needs of our customers, by making sure they have the infrastructure in place to support their system availability requirements.

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