The core component of any uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is its battery. Regardless of their age or warranty, the batteries in all 3-phase UPS systems and some larger single-phase units require regular inspection and upkeep. Neglecting battery maintenance is the primary reason for load loss incidents. Additionally, the replacement of UPS batteries is frequently ignored or deferred, as many users attempt to maximize their battery’s lifespan. These considerations are interconnected.

At Potencia Technologies, we advocate for proactive battery lifecycle management to provide our clients with the assurance that comes from minimizing one of the primary causes of unexpected downtime. We achieve this by implementing a proactive service program for your UPS battery system. Beyond thoroughly cleaning your battery system, we conduct an extensive inspection and testing of your UPS batteries to detect any signs of potential issues. These measures enable us to offer health status reports and necessary follow-ups, allowing you to identify and address actionable concerns. Our diligence ensures it stays on our radar, so it won’t slip off yours.

Potencia Technologies collaborates exclusively with top-tier manufacturers of premium UPS batteries to guarantee product excellence. This is essential for maintaining the dependability of your UPS battery system. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive suite of support services, including consulting to define project scopes, supply and installation services, and the removal of old batteries for disposal at environmentally certified recycling facilities.

Occasionally, beyond the mentioned measures, more sophisticated actions are required to minimize the risk factors linked to UPS battery systems. Our expertise enables us to help clients evaluate the advantages of different battery and energy storage options, independent battery monitoring systems, and incorporating redundancy into your UPS battery setup.

At Potencia we are battery system experts with the commitment to make sure your UPS batteries provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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