What is your risk tolerance for unplanned downtime? The more critical the site, the lower the tolerance for risk. This is why significant efforts are directed towards designing and implementing physical infrastructure to meet the availability requirements of your connected business systems. However, once the site meetings, discussions, approvals, purchase orders, and site work are completed, and everything is functioning as intended, the crucial factor that keeps everything running smoothly is the maintenance of your UPSs, generators, transfer switches, bypass switches, cooling systems, and other components of your physical infrastructure. Neglect this aspect, and you reintroduce unacceptable levels of risk into your data center or facility environment.

If your business model drives the design and selection process for your physical infrastructure, it is your business model that should drive your choice of maintenance provider for this physical infrastructure. Potencia Technologies is a trusted service provider for hundreds of sites across the country. Our years of experience have reinforced the importance of adhering to best practices when it come to systems maintenance. Choosing a service provider for your UPS maintenance who can provide you with factory trained and OEM authorized service support is key to maintaining your UPSs according to factory specifications.

At Potencia Technologies, we are the service professionals with the expertise and proficiency to help you manage the maintenance of your essential physical infrastructure. Our support services encompass:

  • On-demand maintenance
  • Emergency service
  • Service for AC and DC power systems
  • Preventive maintenance services

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