Potencia Technologies is committed to helping businesses maintain continuous operations and minimize downtime through a comprehensive range of power protection solutions. Our goal is to ensure that our valued customers and their critical business systems have a constant and reliable supply of high-quality electricity. This is not just a convenience; it is the lifeblood that enables efficient business operations.

When working with our clients, we often ask them to consider the cost of unplanned downtime for their business. Unforeseen interruptions almost always result in lost production time, lost man-hours, lost revenue, and damage to their professional reputation. Our mission is to support our customers in gaining a competitive edge by providing the level of system availability they need.

Recommending the best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for our clients is about more than a well-known brand. On the product side we have carefully chosen best-in-class UPS solutions from a range of recognized leaders in the UPS industry, and work with some very specialized manufacturers of UPS equipment where the application demands. The right solution however is about matching the UPS to the customer application. The process at this level involves looking at many different factors, including but not limited to current and future capacity requirements, runtime, installation and supporting electrical needs, and the expertise of the service team responsible for maintenance and servicing of the equipment so that it provides you with the longest possible service life and operates to manufacturer factory specifications.

Our goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations in what we do each day. When we do this we ensure they are receiving the maximum level of reliability and availabilty from their critical business systems. With our expertise and dedication, businesses can trust us to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. We provide the following UPS and power conditioning solutions to meet your needs:

  • Single and three-phase AC UPS products
  • DC power products
  • Specialized products for lab, industrial, harsh environment applications, and more
  • Panel mounted Surge Protection Devices
  • Power conditioners

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